Xiaobo Liu

Hi, I am a first year Ph.D student in the Numerical Linear Algebra group at the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, supervised by Professor Nicholas J. Higham and co-supervised by Professor Francoise Tisseur.

The fundamental goal of my research is to compute functions of matrices in multiprecision arithmetic, which is concerned with algorithms for evaluating matrix functions in arithmetic of precisions beyond the standard single and double. In particular, this includes the half precision arithmetic that is becoming prevalent on GPUs and arbitrary precision arithmetic.

Current Research Interests

Numerical Analysis
Numerical Linear Algebra
    Mittag-Leffler (matrix) functions


▪ 2018/19 Semester 2   Lead demonstrator for MATH10222 Calculus and Applications A
▪ 2018/19 Semester 2   Lead demonstrator for MATH19842 Mathematics 0F2
▪ 2018/19 Semester 2   Teaching assistant for MATH36022 Numerical Analysis II
▪ 2018/19 Semester 1   Teaching assistant for MATH20401 PDEs and Vector Calculus A

▪ Treasurer of Manchester SIAM-IMA Student Chapter. Welcome to join us!
▪ Member of SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics).

Contact details

Office 2.111, Alan Turing Building
School of Mathematics
The University of Manchester
Manchester, M13 9PL, UK

Email: xiaobo.liu [at] manchester.ac.uk